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MSP® Practitioner

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Officially launched in October 1999, "Managing Successful Programmes" (MSP®) is a guide that maintains a strategic view over a set of projects, aligning them to the required business change in order to realise benefits of strategic importance to the business.

The Practitioner Examination Preparation event provides an opportunity to apply learning of the MSP® methodology to programme scenarios.  The scenarios used on this event are in the same format to those used in the PeopleCert MSP® Practitioner Exam. If you require the Foundation Exam, please contact SKillSolve for the options available.

The key objectives of this course are to:

  • Provide Delegates with an opportunity to review their individual preparation for the MSP® Practitioner examination.
  • Develop the delegate's ability to apply the MSP® Method appropriately through various programme-based scenarios and associated objective tests.
  • Provide Delegates with an opportunity to complete example answers typical of the Practitioner examination question papers.
  • Receive cOnstructive feedback from a PeopleCert Approved MSP® Trainer.
  • Discuss specific areas of MSP® with an Approved Trainer and other attendees, and to devise exam strategies from the responses provided.

To see the full course outline, click here:
MSP® - Foundation - Classroom Training Course Outline

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During the course, candidates will have an opportunity to try out the application of their existing MSP® knowledge to a typical practitioner exam scenario and related objective tests questions.
It can be expected that this preparation event will improve the likelihood of passing the PeopleCert Practitioner Exam.  However, success in the exam requires some basic analytical skills under time pressure, and this event is not intended to provide anything other than a high-level appreciation of these important skills, together with some exam strategy advice and guidance.

What exams are included with the course?

MSP® Practitioner: 2½ hours, open book (MSP® manual only) consisting of 8 scenario-based objective test questions.

Also available on this event:

MSP® Practitioner Re-Registration: 1.25 hour, open book (MSP® manual only) consisting of 3 scenario-based objective test questions.

Passing the exam will give you an internationally recognised professional qualification.

All exams are available online following the accredited training.