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AgilePM® Practitioner

£747.50 exc VAT Was £1,495.00

This 2-day course covers the certification by APMG and the DSDM Consortium that has been created for an agile approach to project management. The 2 day course is an extension of the Foundation level certificate and teaches the candidate how to practically apply the method to their projects. The practitioner level course is specifically designed for those working in projects that want and need to be agile.

Delegates that wish to study AgilePM® at Practitioner level will require a valid AgilePM® Foundation level certificate.

Course Objectives:
To give delegates a practical understanding of Agile Project Management which is based on the internationally recognised framework of DSDM Atern. This will enable delegates to become immediately productive as a project manager in an agile project environment.

To highlight the difference between simple lightweight agile approaches which typically operate at the solution delivery (or 'work package') level and the greater holistic view of how multiple work streams are co-ordinated with the appropriate level of governance and control. The course prepares delegates for the Practitioner exam.

To see the full course outline, click here:
AgilePM® Course Outline

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What exams are included?

2½-hours, open-book (AgilePM® Handbook v2 only).
Objective-test. 4 questions, 20 marks per question).
Required pass mark 50% (40/80).

Passing this exam will give you an internationally recognised professional qualification.

The online Practitioner exam can be booked following the accredited training.