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P3O ® Support Offices

P3O ® 2-day Practitioner

Course Summary

The Practitioner level is aiming to measure whether a candidate could apply P3O® within an environment supporting P3O®.


19 Mar 2020 - £649.00
12 Nov 2020 - £649.00


11 Nov 2019 - £649.00


A P3O® model provides a decision enabling/delivery support structure for all change within an organisation. This may be provided through a single permanent office which may exist under several different names, for example Portfolio Office, Centre of Excellence, Corporate Programme Office. It may otherwise be provided through a linked set of portfolio, programme and project offices. A P3O® is essential for ensuring successful outcomes through the delivery of portfolios, programmes and projects.

Who Will the Course Benefit?

• Managers who need a structure for working alongside corporate organisational investments
• Individuals moving into a P3O® role, or existing portfolio, programme or project office roles.
• Team members employed within or alongside a support office.
• Anybody who needs to know the basics about providing portfolio, programme and project support.
• Project Managers keen to develop their skills and identify opportunities for career advancement.
• Any Support offices that may be known by a variety of titles such as: Portfolio Office, Centre of Excellence, Enterprise or Corporate Programme Office

Course Objectives

• Explain the P3O® model and state the key functions and services of a P3O®.
• Explain which P3O® model is most appropriate to your organisation's strategic objectives.
• Know the arguments for establishing a P3O® model and measuring its success.
• Know the roles and responsibilities associated with a P3O® service.
• Describe the tools and techniques used by a P3O®.
• Understand and describe the relationships between strategy, portfolio, programme and project, and how these different relationships affect management issues.
• Help delegates to operate effectively with colleagues and managers in a structured environment.

Thursday: 9am - 5pm
Friday: 9am - 12pm

Exam time practitioner: Friday 9.30am
Exam duration: 2 1/2 hours

We recommend at least 10 hours' pre-study
Evening study required throughout duration of the course